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Paul Furiga

Paul Furiga

Paul Furiga is chief storyteller, founder and CEO of WordWrite Communications. Paul’s passion for storytelling inspired him to form WordWrite. He is currently writing a book on the importance of storytelling in business communications with the working title Why Your Story Trumps Your Brand. The book details the business success of authentic stories shared by fluent storytellers who continually read their audiences to ensure they are engaged. The book builds on WordWrite’s proprietary storytelling process, StoryCrafting℠.

Recent Posts by Paul Furiga:

by Paul Furiga, on Feb. 8, 2021

To the sometimes frightening list of things that machines may do better than humans, university researchers are adding the art and science of storytelling. In my book, “Finding Your Capital …

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Topics:storytellingCapital S Storyartificial intelligence

by Paul Furiga, on Feb. 1, 2021

A version of this post previously appeared on the Public Relations Professionals of India blog. In the United States and increasingly around the world, the most commonly accepted definition of …

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Topics:brand journalismwritingPESOowned content

by Paul Furiga, on Jan. 15, 2021

Get ready to hear a lot about the fabled “First 100 days” for about the next, oh, 100 days or so. So it goes any time a new president comes …

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Topics:thought leadershipbusiness storyCapital S Story

by Paul Furiga, on Apr. 10, 2020

It may be hard to imagine now, but some day the hashtags #COVID-19 and #coronavirus will describe a time in our past, rather than the unstable present. Recovery from the …

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Topics:crisis communicationscommunications strategycrisis planningpr strategycoronaviruscovid-19brand loyaltyreputation management

by Paul Furiga, on Feb. 19, 2020

Chances are, you haven’t met a storyteller like AREL. But someday soon, you will meet her—or someone (something?) like her. AREL is not a person and, in fact, it’s my …

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Topics:storytellingautomated journalismAREL

by Paul Furiga, on Dec. 4, 2019

It’s fitting that the release of “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,” the feature film celebrating public TV icon Fred Rogers, was timed to coincide with the holidays. While the …

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Topics:storytellingjournalismauthentic storyfred rogersa beautiful day in the nieghborhood

by Paul Furiga, on Sep. 18, 2019

Whether you surf the internet, peruse the Amazon best-seller lists or scroll through your email, it seems the marketing buzzword you’ll find most often these days is “storytelling.” And who …

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Topics:storystorytellingmarketingcommunication lessonssynaptic storytelling

by Paul Furiga, on Aug. 30, 2019

Welcome to the new WordWrite website. As a team of fluent storytellers, one of the things we’ve learned over the last two decades is that great stories evolve over time …

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Topics:storystorytellingagency newsbusiness story

by Paul Furiga, on Jul. 24, 2019

Check your phone, computer or TV: Everywhere you look these days, it’s crisis, crisis, crisis. Sometimes it looks as if every pocket of our world is lurching from crisis to …

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Topics:storycrisis communicationsstorytelling

by Paul Furiga, on Jun. 7, 2018

One of the most popular sitcoms in the 1990s, “Roseanne” was also one of several beloved shows to return to our television screens this fall after a long hiatus. ABC …

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Topics:social mediacrisis communicationsroseanne barr

by Paul Furiga, on Apr. 4, 2018

Why are so many organizations creating brand journalism platforms in the 21st century? The most important reason is this: Great journalism is, at its heart, great storytelling. So successful “brand journalism,” …

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Topics:storytellingcontent creationstrategic communicationsbrand journalismcontent

by Paul Furiga, on Jun. 30, 2017

You don’t need an exotic address to understand that all communications are global today. Whether you’re in Pittsburgh or Paris, the local becomes global at the speed of fingers pounding …

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by Paul Furiga, on Apr. 27, 2017

In the 21st century political world, there’s a debate over borders and building walls to protect them. In the communications world, if recent crises have taught us anything, it’s that …

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Topics:public relationscrisis communications

by Paul Furiga, on Nov. 4, 2016

While determining the winner of the presidential election matters to American democracy, public relations professionals don’t need to wait for the ballot count — the votes (and the lessons) are …

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Topics:public relationsstorytellingtraditional PRcommunication lessons

by Paul Furiga, on Aug. 3, 2015

Storytelling is the pinnacle of communications. But it's also the most misunderstood marketing and communications approach of all the tools in the arsenal of great communicators. The bad news: In …

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Topics:social mediastorystorytellingauthentic storycommunications strategy

by Paul Furiga, on Jul. 27, 2015

Let’s name drop for a minute. Nike. Southwest. What do those names mean to you? In the case of Nike, maybe it’s the iconic “swoosh” logo. For Southwest, maybe it’s …

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Topics:social mediastorystrategystorytellingnikesouthwest

by Paul Furiga, on Jul. 24, 2015

This is a story of Carl and Joe. I don't know if Carl and Joe ever met, but they were certainly fellow travelers. Their shared passion: storytelling. Carl is Carl …

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Topics:media relationsstorystorytellingcommunication lessonsmarketing lessons

by Paul Furiga, on Jul. 21, 2015

Storytelling, the most successful approach to moving hearts and minds in human history, is perfectly designed for 21st century success in communications and marketing. Why? because our 21st century world …

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Topics:public relationsstrategybusiness storysynaptic storytelling

by Paul Furiga, on Jul. 17, 2015

Communicators and marketers agree: great storytelling is the pinnacle of their profession. It's also the most misunderstood skill for communicators, marketers and those they serve. Why? In my previous post, …

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Topics:storytellingauthentic storythe wizard of oz

by Paul Furiga, on Jul. 14, 2015

If a truth is actually universal, it should generate unanimous agreement. Here’s one: We all love a great story. Great storytelling melts divisions, forges alliances and mobilizes us to act …

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Topics:media relationsstorystorytellingcommunication lessonsmarketing strategy

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