Hootsuite vs. HubSpot: Which one should you be using?

by Intern, on Jun 24, 2014

Hootsuite is a very popular way of managing social media accounts, and as someone who has used Hootsuite, it can be very easy and quick to learn. However, is it really the best way to track analytics? Is there a better way out there? I wasn’t so sure, until I started using HubSpot.

We will look at the benefits of Hootsuite as well as the benefits of HubSpot, specific to social media (leaving out the rest of its many features) so you can decide which one best suits you and your company. 


  • Hootsuite is great for scheduling all of your social media posts in advance, and generatesHootsuite easy to understand analytics.

  • It has a free sign-up option, which lets you use the basic features. This is great for college students or companies with a small budget.

  • The layout of Hootsuite resembles that of a table, categorizing each column into sections such as your home feed, mentions or scheduled posts.

  • Hootsuite offers Social Media Education through their Hootsuite Academy for $21 a month. This allows users to better understand Hootsuite as well as how to best reach their audience through each platform.

  • If you have multiple social networks, you can just keep adding them into your Hootsuite account. Once added, they will appear in another column on your home screen. Whether it is two Twitter accounts or a Twitter account and a Facebook account, they will all add onto the same screen.


  • HubSpot allows you to schedule social media posts and monitor each of the posts with theHubSpot interactions and clicks showing to the right of each post. It provides analytics that are easy to understand and actually utilize.

  • Under the social media section of HubSpot, there is a toolbar with the following tabs: inbox, monitoring, published, scheduled and reached. Each tab can be viewed separately, allowing you to focus on one thing at a time.

  • Since HubSpot allows you to do multiple things on one platform, it connects your data easily and effortlessly, ensuring that everything from your blog to your emails match up and are creating the highest success for your company.

  • HubSpot has a free certification process, allowing you to become certified in Inbound Marketing. The process is quick and covers a variety of topics, leaving you feeling like an inbound expert. After completing the certification process, HubSpot becomes very simple to use and is extremely user-friendly.

  • When adding another social media network, you have the option of creating multiple posts at the same time. This means that if you are tweeting a link from your company Twitter, you can then click to post on Facebook while still drafting the tweet. This will bring the link over to the Facebook draft box, making your life a lot simpler. If you manage multiple users’ accounts, they will each have a separate HubSpot account, so you will be able to monitor and publish on their networks on a completely different screen. This cuts down on confusion and irrelevant posts. 

Now that you understand the differences between Hootsuite and HubSpot, as well as the benefits to both, which one do you prefer? Try them both out then let us know!

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