INBOUND 2018 - Key Takeaways

by WordWrite Staff, on Sep. 18, 2018


HubSpot's INBOUND conference shed light on the best inbound marketing strategies.

I recently had the opportunity to attend HubSpot’s INBOUND marketing conference in Boston. For those of you who are unfamiliar, it is a week-long conference filled with sessions, keynote speakers, networking and is an information overload.

Here are my 5 key takeaways from INBOUND 2018:

1. Video continues to rise and HubSpot is doubling down – The big product news out of HubSpot HQ is the new video content feature. You’ll now be able to upload videos into a library on HubSpot, incorporate them on your pages, and collect data on them as well. You can learn more here. What better way to make the announcement than with a video?  



2. Regularly check the health of your website – Do you have the correct tracking tools added to your site? What is your site speed? Is your entire site mobile friendly? Should we incorporate a live chat to our site? These are all questions to ask your web designer/developer because there are so many paths that a visitor could take to find your page and you need to make sure they don’t leave once they arrive.

3. The sales funnel is dead – CEO Brian Halligan encouraged all attendees to adopt the fly wheel approach to sales rather than the traditional sales funnel that has been around since the dawn of sales. Instead of customers being at the bottom of the funnel, businesses should instead make them the center of their focus between sales, marketing and customer service. 

Forget the marketing funnel--it's all about the flywheel.4. Employ the help of your HubSpot team or subscription services more – It can be difficult for businesses to have regular calls with vendor support teams to ask the question "how can my team and I better use this product or service to make our daily work easier?" You may just get some advice and tips that could ultimately save you time and money. But if you discover vendors are unavailable or difficult to reach, it may be time to look elsewhere to find something that has a customer service program that meets your needs.

5. Focus on "delighting" more – What does this mean? Your customers can be one of your biggest sources of business. This is extremely important in the B2B world when there are 7 to 13 different touch points before a decision is made. Having happy customers who are advocating for you can lead to more possibilities without spending a single dollar on advertising. 

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