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by Dan Stefano, on Jan 22, 2020

For those unacquainted with having a recorder in their face, a reporter rattling off rapid-fire questions at them, or the lights, cameras and uncomfortable actions of the media directed their …

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by WordWrite Staff, on Jan 16, 2020

Media interviews aren’t easy. On-camera interviews are even more intimidating. So how do you stop dreading phone calls from the media? Interviewing is like writing. It’s a skill you should …

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by WordWrite Staff, on Oct 8, 2018

Trustworthiness. Is this something you can really rate and measure? According to Facebook, yes. The Washington Post recently reported on the social giant’s new rating system, designed to predict user’s trustworthiness on …

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by WordWrite Staff, on Jul 12, 2018

Facebook Live, IGTV, Twitter chats, LinkedIn groups … all of these are good and legitimate ways to reach certain audiences — perhaps even your intended audience. Especially if you have …

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by WordWrite Staff, on Feb 7, 2018

As communicators, we have a natural tendency to want to control things – a message, a story, an interview, a planned event, etc. We’re also cynical by nature, not because …

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by Intern, on Mar 23, 2017

There are two main aspects to every crisis situation that receive media attention: the initial event and then how it’s handled. As seen in the news lately, it can be …

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Topics:public relationscrisis communicationsmedia coaching and trainingmedia trainingcrisis planning

by Erin Hogan, on Jul 8, 2015

After what can only be described as an evasive interview between former NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams and Today Show host Matt Lauer, we are reminded of how proper media training can truly make or …

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Topics:media relationspublic relationsmedia coaching and trainingmedia training

by Jeremy Church, on Mar 18, 2014

Many prospective clients might consider media relations skills to be a table stake for any public relations agency. But what does media relations really mean for those prospects and to …

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by Jeremy Church, on Dec 4, 2012

About a year ago, we set out to pitch one of our clients as an industry thought-leader to the financial media in New York City.Some peers at agencies located in …

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