The importance of the first 100 days as a leader

by Paul Furiga, on Jan 15, 2021

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Get ready to hear a lot about the fabled “First 100 days” for about the next, oh, 100 days or so.

So it goes any time a new president comes to the White House, with reporters, pundits and armchair politicos closely watching the administration’s first few months to determine its priorities and gauge the tone for the years to come. It goes back to the days of FDR, who took power during one of America’s darkest crises.

But the first 100 days is important in all types of leadership, including the business world, where a CEO’s early impressions can last for an entire tenure. That’s because the appointment of a new CEO carries more weight than any other corporate decision. Once this executive is announced, they became the story of the organization (and you know how we feel about stories).

In the first 100 days of a CEO, there likely are few business results to discuss. It’s only by sharing the new CEO’s authentic story — or Capital S Story — can a business adequately explain how they will achieve change and help the company. Here are some tips for telling this important new story from a marketing standpoint:

Address Expectations: What qualifies this person to lead the company? Establish credibility by communicating the hiring process and the CEO’s experience while outlining the next chapter of the company’s story.

Answer Questions: The company will receive increased interest from media and stakeholders at this time. Prepare answers for questions about the transition, future strategy and vision, and what differentiates the new CEO from the previous one.

Execute: Don’t just react — tell the story. Reach out to media as much as they reach out to you. Host public appearances and distribute communications that position the new CEO as the company’s chief storyteller.

There is plenty more to do in a CEO’s first 100 days, of course. For assistance with communication leadership transitions or telling your story, schedule a chat with our experts.

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