Top Ten Gifts for PR Pros

by WordWrite Staff, on Dec 23, 2014

  1. 2014 AP Style Book – We learned it in school, however with so many changes over the years, this is THE best resource for any writer or public relations professional. Most of us still love to have handy resources like this on our desk.
  2. Pens – Nothing makes us feel more polished and together than having agifts snazzy pen to pull out in a client meeting. While at work we may use chewed up Bics, we appreciate the way a cool, professional pen looks as we take notes in meetings with clients and business partners.
  3. A subscription to Cision – Putting a media list together is just simply not possible without this resource if you want to keep your sanity. We totally <3 Cision because it makes our lives easier.
  4. Coffee – Yes, much like journalists, we dig our coffee or caffeine fixes. It gets us through the day.
  5. HubSpot – This marketing software is the bomb. Really. We love how it automates our inbound marketing while providing the most awesome analytics tools. When clients ask for results, we can easily show them in HubSpot. Few things excite us more than happy clients.  
  6. More Computer Memory – We admit, we use a TON of memory on our computers. With all the photos and documents exchanged every day, we appreciate when our computer does what it’s supposed to at a speed we find acceptable. Like SUPER FAST.
  7. A Calculator – It’s no secret public relations practitioners dislike math. It’s not that math is bad itself, it’s just that we are so incredibly BAD AT IT. Our brains don’t work that way—we prefer words. So, when we are forced to do any sort of math, we start to sweat profusely. A handy calculator is like a gift from God. We love them because they save us from ourselves. Yes, we likely have one on our phone, but sometimes it’s easier to have a nice one right on our desk with actual buttons and a screen.
  8. A Photography or Video Editing Course – I can’t tell you how many times we wish we had the talent (or at least the know-how) to be able to edit a simple video clip or take an amazing photo. We understand the importance of images in storytelling and we know a great clip or photo when we see it, but the actual doing is the hard part for us. We either wish we had a super talented intern with these skills or that we could do it ourselves. A class might be just the right gift for us seeking to expand our skill-set.
  9. Simon Sinek’s Start With Why – Not only do we love this book, we wish everyone we worked with would read it too. This book by leadership and marketing expert, Simon Sinek, challenges readers to figure out why they do what they do, rather than focus solely on what they do. As he says, “People don’t buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.” So true, Simon. So very true.
  10. For Everyone to Learn the Difference Between Your and You’re – We are grammar nerds at heart and nothing drives us up a wall more than when people use the wrong word—whether it’s your/you’re; it is/ it’s; whose/who’s; to/too/two. Come one, people. Learn it! Save us from word rage, please. We promise this would be the ultimate gift for any PR person. 
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Hollie Geitner
Vice President, Culture and Brand Ambassador

Hollie Geitner is Vice President, Culture and Brand Ambassador at WordWrite Communications. You can get in touch with her via email at or follow her on Twitter at @JustHollieG.



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