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by WordWrite Staff, on Oct 24, 2012

Last week, Facebook app developer Napkin Labs released a study that I’m sure had a lot of social media users up in arms. The study showed that on average just 6 percent of fans engage with a brand’s Facebook Page via likes, comments, polls and other means. If you have 1 million fans – which, let’s face it, many of us don’t – then only 60,000 fans are engaging with your page. Yikes! With a smaller Facebook fan base, that 6 percent is even more crucial to your overall efforts. You might be asking, well what can I do to ensure I’m making the most of my 6 percent and how can I grow that figure? Here are some ideas: 

Focus on more than page “likes”

Sure we all love to have new fans of our page, but what value are they really bringing you? If they fit in with the 94 percent who aren’t actively engaging with your page, then they really are just a number. 

Create a strategy

If you’re not just focusing on the “likes” that your page is getting, then what are you focusing on? Your main concern should be what fans are actually doing on your page. Are they answering polls or are they more likely to comment on a fill-in- the-blank topic or question? It’s time to start monitoring what they are doing and provide more of the content they are interested in. 

Your content strategy should be a balance of three different things. Social media should not be used as a bullhorn to push out information about you and your business. We believe in employing the one-third rule. One-third of your content can be posts about you, your business and your brand. One-third should be content about your industry. This demonstrates you have a broader perspective and are staying on top of the latest trends. Finally, one-third of your content should be actual conversations with your fans and followers. A lot of people forget the main purpose of social media, which is to be social. 

Identify your “superfans”

The Napkin Labs study also found that what really drives engagement on a brand’s page is a core group of devoted fans, otherwise known as the “superfans.” Each month the superfan likes 10 posts, shares five pieces of content and comments once. What’s even better, these fans tend to get significantly more likes and comments on their posts than average fans. Can you say virality or friends of fans? 

By identifying these superfans and posting more of the content they frequently engage with, you’ll have the potential to extend your reach. This will bring new fans to your page who may become superfans and also increase your engagement rate. 

Follow simple social media rules

1. Be authentic and transparent in your posts. Share the good and the bad that’s going on with you and your organization. Let people peek past the curtain. Reveal that there is actually a human behind the posts. Your fans will be able to make a closer connection with you if you do. 

2. Respond to your fans and followers. If they asked a question on your wall, respond to them transparently. If someone is asking you a question, it’s a safe bet other fans and followers were wondering the same thing. Giving them personal attention will help others feel comfortable engaging with your page. 

3. Communicate with your fans in a timely matter. In your social media strategy outline, list when and how much time you plan to spend responding to people across all of your channels. Stick to that process and your fans will take notice. 

Learning that only 6 percent of fans engage with a brand’s Facebook page might sound an alarm for some businesses. However, remember that new social media statistics are released all the time. Don’t let them bog you down. Simply react to the new data and adapt your strategy accordingly. 

Have you noticed superfans on your Facebook page? How are you going to tailor your content to them in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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