Weekly Wrap: Social Media Slip-Up Edition

Posted by Samantha Peer on 11/14/15 9:00 AM

Following the announcement of mass layoffs at the Tribune Review, the Pittsburgh Post Gazette posted a brief message that brought about great backlash. 













Though the Pittsburgh Post Gazette responded quickly, promptly removing the post and issuing an apology, the error serves as a reminder to take caution when posting on social media.

In this week’s Weekly Wrap, we look at similar social slip-ups and examine how they were managed. Take a look. 


Eager to create conversation around the holiday season, Bloomingdale’s featured an ad with the caption, “Spike your best friend’s eggnog when they’re not looking”.

While the national retailer may have achieved its goal of gaining attention, the ad copy was not received well. Recognizing this, Bloomingdale’s posted the following tweet on social media, suggesting they were unaware of their error prior to receiving negative feedback.


#ItsJustACup has been trending since Starbucks came under fire for this year’s red holiday cup design. The simplicity of the normally festive design sparked theories of Starbucks taking an anti-Christmas stance.

Despite the negativity surrounding the debate, the Salvation Army found a way to positively weigh in on the debate.

What is posted on social media is permanent and sure to attract attention, especially for organizations with large followings. Because content matters, it is important that organizations think thoroughly before publishing.

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