Becoming a Fluent Storyteller Even in Challenging Circumstances

A key issue for most senior leaders is not the business steps in managing a crisis, per se; it’s appropriately constructing communications for specific audiences (regulators, news media, affected individuals, families, lawyers, etc.) and dealing with the questions and concerns that a specific audience raises.

WordWrite’s crisis training guides the participants in developing and applying appropriate crisis scenario planning to develop language and the right key messages in realistic settings that emphasize the appropriate story. The development of communications messages and tools is enhanced through the creation of a live tabletop crisis management exercise that puts the company leadership in likely hypothetical situations in which they can practice and refine their delivery of the company’s key messages.

Similarly, in dealing with the media, the challenge for most senior executives is selecting the right language and the right message to speak through the media to the audiences they need to reach. Our media training begins with a specific focus on categorizing, describing and understanding the specific pressures that drive the news media to behave in ways that create particularly sensitive public crises for companies.

As with our crisis training, our media training combines development and refinement of specific media messages and scenarios that are enhanced with “live fire” exercises that give company spokespeople multiple opportunities to practice and implement appropriate company messages in a variety of likely media scenarios.

WordWrite’s skilled crisis and media training instructors combine “real-world” experience in journalism and corporate public relations to deliver results. Because we have been journalists and corporate communicators, we have seen and experienced the pressure of multiple media crises firsthand. This experience, combined with years of working with companies in serious crisis situations, enables us to deliver a focused, results-driven training program that is far superior to that offered by firms that do not specialize in crisis communications.
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