Threading Together Your Capital S Story
Book: Finding Your Capital S Story

The Story about Story

The best stories are those that move hearts and change minds. That is a guiding principle Paul Furiga used when he founded WordWrite, and it remains so today. It's also the core theme behind "Finding Your Capital S Story: Why your Story Drives your Brand."

Furiga's book takes readers on a comprehensive journey into the art and science of storytelling, using expert findings, anecdotes from titans of industry and even our own biology to explain how a business's authentic story is its best marketing tool. It all ties into the concept of a Capital S Story — the story above all stories, the one that answers why someone would buy from you, invest in you, partner with you or work for you.

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"We don't develop a love of story. We are born with it."

Chapter 6, Page 107

"Audiences are hungry for meaning, but they struggle to find it in a sea of information. You can provide it by sharing your story."

Chapter 1, Page 4

Who Needs a Capital S Story?

Untitled-1-2  Business leaders who are tired of being told you must lie to customers and prospects to sell to them

Untitled-1-2  Business leaders who are tired of classic advertising that doesn't deliver results

Untitled-1-2  Business leaders who don't feel their marketing captures the essence of their organization

Untitled-1-2  Business leaders who are frustrated that potential customers can't see what makes them unique


About the Author

Paul Furiga is the president and chief storyteller at WordWrite, having founded the Pittsburgh-based PR and digital marketing agency nearly 20 years ago in a candy-striped bedroom before growing it into a perennially top-ranked firm. Paul, who was formerly a vice president at Ketchum Public Relations, was honored in 2013 with the Public Relations Society of America Pittsburgh chapter's Hall of Fame Award for his impact in the region.

Before that, Paul spent two decades as a journalist, covering it all, from Cincinnati City Hall to Congress and the White House, as well as serving as editor of the Pittsburgh Business Times. As you can imagine, he has some stories to tell...