Inbound Marketing: Make Your Website Drive Your Sales

What if you could turn your website into an entirely new sales channel, capturing qualified visitors as prospects in a sales funnel, providing them with the material they want and converting them to customers?  

Today, decision-makers looking to hire your company or buy your services have the ability to control the content they receive thanks to the Internet and social media. Traditional marketing tactics are failing. With good blogs, social media content and an optimized website, you can create two-way conversations with prospects through inbound marketing. 

Inbound marketing is the practice of creating a strategy to “get found” by people who are already researching your industry for potential purchases. Your website serves as a new sales channel and is the very hub of the entire process. By creating compelling content, you can naturally attract visitors through search engines, blogs and social media.

Inbound marketing success comes from reaching ideal prospects based upon their buyer personas and engaging them with remarkable content in a way that leads them through the buying stages in the graphic below. Strangers become visitors, leads, customers and ultimately, promoters. The graphic also describes the kinds of content that drives success at each step. 


WordWrite can help your business or organization develop and execute successful inbound marketing campaigns using HubSpot, a top inbound marketing platform. An effective inbound marketing strategy integrated with a comprehensive public relations and social media strategy is the most effective way today to tell your story to the audiences who most need to hear it while engaging prospects in search of your services. 

For more information about inbound marketing, download our whitepaper, Inbound Marketing 101.

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