Paul Furiga-wordwrite-headshot
Paul Furiga
President & Chief Storyteller
Paul learned storytelling by writing and editing tens of thousands of stories during two decades as a journalist before going into PR. At WordWrite, he ponders the question every day: Why should someone consider hiring us, working with us or partnering with us? 
Brenda Furiga-wordwrite-headshot-1
Brenda Furiga
Vice President, People, Policy and Profit
Brenda is the go-to in the WordWrite office, as she is overseer of all things administrative, human resources and financial management. Her duties are many and she handles them all with a smile.
Jeremy Church-1
Jeremy Church
Partner, Vice President, Director of Results
As a member of the leadership team and the office expert on famous movie lines and scenes, Jeremy is accountable for providing day-to-day oversight of agency operations, including growth, profitability and retention.
Hollie Geitner-wordwrite-headshot-1
Hollie Geitner
Vice President, Culture and Brand Ambassador
As a member of the leadership team, Hollie is responsible for leading several client accounts, is a go-to when it comes to crisis communications assistance and leads the WordWrite marketing team.
Erin Hogan-wordwrite-headshot-1
Erin Hogan
Account supervisor
Erin loves a good challenge and when it comes to marketing and PR strategies, well, that’s right up her alley. In her client work, she uses key business insights to solve communication problems. 
Robin Rectenwald-wordwrite-headshot-1
Robin Rectenwald
Account Supervisor
Robin is a dreamer and a planner. For clients, she is always brainstorming new strategies and ideas to help them solve their biggest challenges. She works in collaboration with her team to create, execute and measure results-driven strategies.
Keira headshot-1-final
Keira Koscumb
Digital & Inbound Marketing Director
Keira is our digital strategist and leader, always thinking through the best ways to incorporate digital tactics to help clients reach their core customers. She leads and manages all of our digital efforts and is one of the most organized and data-driven leaders we know.
Dan Stefano-wordwrite-headshot-1
Dan Stefano
Brand Journalist
When a client needs copy, from email campaigns to long-form submissions, Dan’s the guy who makes it happen. He’s also editor of The Pittsburgh 100, responsible for planning, writing, editing and tightening the screws on Pittsburgh’s bi-weekly must-read newsletter. 
Noah Fleming-wordwrite-headshot-1
Noah Fleming
Digital & Inbound Marketing Specialist
Noah is known as “the fixer” at WordWrite. He’s technically inclined and is the one we contact when we’re stuck in a technical merry-go-round. On the client side, he manages digital advertising campaigns and is often digging into metrics, data and analytics to see what’s working and then testing what could be better. 
Logan Armstrong-wordwrite-headshot
Logan Armstrong
Account Coordinator
Whether it’s pitching news stories, managing social media, or conducting research for clients, you’ll find Logan doing it with a look on his face more intense than what’s actually on his mind, and with headphones in-ear. He strives for efficiency in his work and legend says you can faintly hear his inquiries for more things to do, even when he’s not in the office.
Chief Barketing Officer

Yes, WordWrite’s PR and digital marketing efforts are important, but they’re nothing without “barketing” backing them up. Roxy spends her busy workdays running from cube to cube, getting her ears scratched and eating crumbs off of the ground (we have spotless floors). She’s also the youngest member of the team at eight years old — middle-aged, if we use dog years.

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