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Keira Koscumb


Director of Digital and Inbound Marketing

Keira is our digital strategist, always thinking through the best ways to incorporate digital tactics to help clients reach their core customers. She manages all of our digital efforts and is one of the most organized and data-driven leaders we know.

Speaking of data and analytics, Keira spent several years working with retail giants, like Whole Foods, Target and Costco, developing in-store marketing events with a creative twist by utilizing insights from various sources of performance data. She’s most comfortable working in a spreadsheet or database and can uncover the coolest bits of information to help drive a strategy.

Keira is a graduate of West Virginia University with a B.S. degree in marketing and a minor in advertising.

When she’s not crunching numbers and data, Keira is out helping causes that are close to her, regularly attending events and fundraisers that support veterans, animals in need or address the opioid epidemic. In her spare time, she wields a paintbrush, bringing new life to antique and vintage furniture. She and her husband are fixing up their 100-plus-year-old house to make it more modern while still keeping its unique charm. Maybe you’ll catch them on a Pittsburgh-version of Fixer Upper!


  1. Keira loves obscure animals and has seriously looked into the rules for adopting a sloth and donating to save narwhals. In fact, she can recite important facts about a sloth’s bathroom habits or a narwhal’s mating rituals. She also loves cats — especially their general “floofiness,” as she puts it.
  2. While vacationing in Croatia, she jumped off a 60-foot high cliff into the Mediterranean Sea. She later found out others who attempted the locally known-but-not-so-publicized activity had died or were seriously injured.
  3. She has a green thumb. Each summer she plants a variety of vegetables and herbs in a 25-foot garden in her backyard.
Tuition is valuable, but you know what’s invaluable? Intuition.                                                                             – Michael Scott, The Office


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