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Rhy Wiethe

Rhy Wiethe


Say you have a desire to help people meet their goals and overcome challenges every day, and your natural talents are in writing, public speaking, multimedia tools and storytelling — what might you do? For Rhy, she’s blending it all together for a career in public relations.

Already, she is using her communication skills to make a difference by helping one of West Virginia’s state regional councils modernize and rebrand, and in a previous internship, she worked with a nonprofit that raises awareness and breaks the stigma surrounding women’s mass incarceration and issues within America’s prison system.

Rest assured, graduation is on the horizon, too. As a public relations major at West Virginia University’s Reed College of Media, Rhy appreciates the mentorship from professors and staffers, and the opportunities for growth. As she puts it, “it makes me proud to be a Media Mountaineer."

At WordWrite, she hopes to develop her writing and multimedia storytelling skills to create and market creative solutions for clients, all while soaking up knowledge and industry know-how from her new colleagues. 

And in her downtime, you might find her singing and enjoying music (believe it or not, she’s a vocal performance minor at WVU), or doing anything outdoors — kayaking, hiking, camping, golf, tennis (she means it – anything). Or she might be having some fun on her own YouTube channel.


1. She sings classical repertoire and opera.

2. She played in the first-ever all-girls high school golf match in West Virginia.

3. She loves participating in and watching winter sports (ask her, and she'll tell you winter is the best season).

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. - Vince Lombardi


Drafting releases and media pitches
Researching marketing campaigns
Producing a range of creative content
Enjoying the outdoors and probably vlogging