Digital & Inbound Marketing Specialist

Measurement can be a forgotten piece of storytelling, but it is no less vital than the message itself. When we track engagement, dig into analytics and break down what does and doesn’t work in a campaign, it allows us to tell more effective stories — and that’s where Trey comes into the picture.

As our digital and inbound marketing specialist, his duties are wide-ranging. On any given day, Trey may be conducting research behind paid and organic digital marketing campaigns, producing analyses based on SEO best practices for clients, or creating campaign assets and drafting social media content.

Trey is a 2021 Penn State graduate, earning a degree in telecommunications and media industries. He also worked as an SEO specialist for Teknicks and is a freelance video producer.

Once you get him away from screens, Trey is an active member of his community, particularly at Antioch Baptist Church in Sewickley, Pa., where he assists with events to feed homeless people, visit hospitals and nursing homes, and provide open arms to those in need. He also volunteered with Eclipse, an organization dedicated to raising money to fight pediatric cancer.

When he spares time for himself, you might find Trey either playing basketball or watching his beloved Lakers, traveling with friends and family, or hitting the gym.


  1. His favorite show of all time is “Friends.”
  2. He trades options and invests in stocks.
  3. He’s a die-hard Lakers fan.
You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great. - Les Brown


Providing digital marketing insights and recommendations
Conducting SEO analyses
Engineering paid and organic social media campaigns
Spending time at the gym
Watching the Lakers and psychological thrillers