Measurement by design: Outputs, outtakes and outcomes

Almost since the inception of public relations, measurement has been one of those hazy topics that it seemed no authority could accurately define and apply. What is the real return on your public relations or marketing investment? It’s a good question to ask, and we have the answer.

At WordWrite, our metrics in measuring success are derived from industry best practices. The metrics are based upon the industry’s Barcelona Principles and are designed to align activity with results.

The Barcelona Principles were developed at a global meeting of the best minds in the PR business nearly five years ago and they distill decades of the best learning about measurement. There are seven key principles, which cover everything from the importance of setting goals to what you measure and how you measure it.

As a client, it’s always good to know that how your agency measures ROI is based upon sound science. Our measurements are. Along with many other of the top firms in the industry, we have adapted the Barcelona Principles model to create three major categories of measurement for what we do together with our clients.

What we do is best explained with an example, so here is a table that provides examples of the categories and types of activities and measures we will collaboratively develop at the outset of working together with a client in a typical media relations engagement.


Every client situation is unique. The need for solid measures to evaluate success is universal. That’s why we work with our clients to determine the most appropriate measures at the outset of our work together.

Connect with us and let’s talk about how you can better demonstrate ROI of your marketing efforts.


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