Dog food and dog treats
Roxy the dog throwing shade sitting


Chief Barketing Officer

WordWrite has experts in lots of things: public relations, digital marketing, crisis communications and … barketing?

Roxy, the youngest member of the team at eight years old (middle-aged, if we’re going by dog years), is the company’s chief barketing officer. How, might you ask, did someone with no college degree, who can’t talk or type, find her way into the C-suite? Sheer personality (and maybe a little nepotism).

Rescued by CEO Paul Furiga and his wife, Vice President Brenda Furiga, Roxy flashed her puppy dog eyes at the door when her owners headed to work each day. Eventually, she became a regular commuter and found a role at WordWrite, racing down the halls, sniffing coworkers cube-by-cube, poking her nose into trash cans and eating crumbs from the ground (WordWrite’s floors are spotless when Roxy’s around).

Outside of the office, Roxy takes long walks in the park, chases small animals, plays with other dogs and contemplates social media campaigns to drive readers to a landing page featuring a download of her acclaimed e-book, “101 Ways to Beg for Food.”

But attention, corporate head hunters: Roxy is not interested in changing companies. Scratch her ears, though, and maybe she’ll listen to what you have to say …


  1. Roxy’s OK with cats since she lives with one. She just doesn’t like to talk about him.
  2. She does NOT like thunderstorms. It’s very important when they occur that she wakes up everyone in her home so they can join her in the basement.
  3. She can chew through her leash, having done it four times before. Sometimes a gal just needs to run.
Bark, bark


Thinking about eating & begging for scraps
Inappropriate licking & sniffing
Actually eating
Loving every person I meet