Take a deep dive into your marketing

You review your processes, people and profits, but are you missing an important piece?


Marketing Audit

Optimizing your marketing mix

HubSpot Implementation

An introduction to CRM

HubSpot 2.0

Taking your account to the next level

Take a look in the mirror before you share your Capital S Story

In a competitive business landscape, the right marketing communications strategy can give you the edge you need. But most organizations struggle to identify their true business purpose to audiences, let alone understand if their efforts are getting an optimum return.

This diagnostic is the first step in helping you uncover, develop and share your Capital S Story — the authentic story that answers why someone should buy from you, work for you, invest in you or partner with you.

Our encompassing review will find what is and isn't working with your strategy and tactics. We offer a fresh perspective, backed by expertise, research and resources, to provide you with guidance and recommendations to make your approach work best for you.

Not sure if you need a marketing audit? Ask yourself...

  • Am I achieving my marketing communications goals?
  • Am I sharing an authentic Capital S Story?
  • Am I delivering the right mix of paid, earned, shared and owned content?
  • Am I connecting with the right audience?

If the answer to any of the above is a no, it might be time to take a deep dive into your marketing communications.

Find your company's sweet spot

How does your organization describe itself? How do customers describe the organization? Those answers might differ, but there's a middle ground. Use this template to identify your "sweet spot" phrase and build your communications from there.

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You have HubSpot. Now what?

So you took the leap and purchased HubSpot as your inbound marketing tool and CRM platform. First, kudos on a great choice. Second, have you got it figured out yet?

HubSpot is a great vehicle to drive your marketing efforts to the next level, but we've found that sometimes users just need a little extra support when transitioning to the platform. We'll help introduce you to the fundamentals, including the important touch points for engaging your audience and understanding lead generation.

Not sure if you need an audit? Ask yourself...

  • Have I identified the goals I want HubSpot to help me achieve?
  • What type of person do I want to engage with when creating content?
  • Are my inbound marketing efforts aligned?
  • What are the best practices to setting up a successful workflow?

If you're not able to answer all of them, don't worry. That's why we're here.

Here come the contacts!

Among the first steps to implementing HubSpot is uploading your organization's existing contacts. It's easier said than done — but it's also easier if you download our free guide.

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So you're comfortable with HubSpot and are beginning to see the fruits of your inbound marketing strategy. But there's a nagging feeling — can you be doing more?

Yes, almost certainly. The functionalities available in HubSpot far surpass most CRM tools, and we’re here to review the additional actions you can take to leverage those tools. It's time to go from novice to expert.

Not sure if you need an audit? Ask yourself...

  • What sources and types of content are driving the most traffic to my website?
  • Is my content performing well on search engines?
  • Are my web pages organized correctly?
  • How am I identifying high value contacts?

We'll help you answer those questions — and the ones you didn't know you should be asking.

Elevate your website with pillar pages

Building a website is just the first step to optimizing your online presence. Next you have to organize it. Download our pillar page and subtopic template to help optimize your SEO.

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Our audits start with deep dive sessions alongside your key team members to ingrain ourselves in your marketing efforts and see where we can help.


Once we've collaborated with your team on how we can help, our audit team will check all the nooks and crannies to see where you can optimize your efforts.


All good things come to an end. But before they do, we'll share all the insights we gleaned from your audit, and make sure you're on the right path for the future.


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