Finding Your Capital S Story


You shouldn’t spend a single dollar on your marketing unless you can tell whether that dollar is doing anything for you. What’s the best marketing asset you own, the one that will drive your best results, no matter what challenge you face? It’s your Capital S Story – the story that answers the question of why someone should buy from you, work for you, invest in you or partner with you. It’s the story above all other stories that your organization has to share.

In this interactive session, WordWrite CEO and Chief Storyteller Paul Furiga will provide tools to help your organization uncover, develop and share its own Capital S Story. Paul will also share some great takeaways with attendees around the publication of his book, Finding Your Capital S Story: Why your Story Drives your Brand.

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Paul Furiga-wordwrite-headshot
Paul Furiga
Chief Storyteller, Founder and CEO of WordWrite

Paul’s passion for storytelling inspired him to form WordWrite. His book, Finding Your Capital S Story, Why Your Story Drives Your Brand, explains the importance of the Capital S Story – the most important story of all for companies and organizations, the one that answers the questions of why someone would buy from you, work for you, invest in you or partner with you. The book builds on WordWrite’s trademarked storytelling process, StoryCrafting℠.